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I’m sorry I haven’t had much time to write more zodiac stuff for you. In the next few days things should calm down.

In the meantime, would anyone like to know what their moon sign is? Your moon sign represents your feelings, unconscious, and dreams. (The sun signs represent your self, ego, and personality). You can find more information about moon signs on the internet.

If you’d like me to talk about your moon sign, fill this out and put it in my “ask”:

Date of birth:

Approx. time of birth:

Time zone you were born in:

Don’t forget to include AM/PM in the time, that’s important. And if anyone has any good pictures that you’d like me to use for backgrounds, I would love it! Please submit them!


So far it’s just random… any requests?

What signs do you want to see?

virgo & aquarius , virgo & pisces. which one am i better off with?

Aquarians are spontaneous. Sometimes it’s hard for a virgo to coexist with people that are less than sensible. An aquarius will frustrate you if you’re not open-minded. Virgo is an adaptable sign, while aquarians are usually more set in their ways.
A pisces will be your mental opposite. Virgo is the thinker and pisces is the feeler. A pisces is more openly emotional than a virgo, and probably more romantic. You have to be careful not to hurt a pisces’ feelings. The pisces is a flexible sign, like the virgo, and more likely to bend to fit you than an aquarius.
It seems to be a close race between the two, but as far as astrology goes,  it seems you’d have a better chance long-term with the pisces.

And sexual attraction will be a tad bit higher with the pisces too ;)